Home Flood Clean Up

Home flood service usually occurs when you have a pipe leak, sewage overflow, or flood water has come in your home from rain. Flood water damage needs to be performed immediately. A certified technician will arrive within 1 hour of your call for flood damage clean up. Flood water extraction will begin to remove water damage and flood damage from your property. Drying out the structure in a flood damage situation is crucial and specialized flood damaged equipment will be used to remove all flood water and flood water damage in your home.

Flood Damage Clean Up - Fast, Effective, and Lowest Price Guaranteed

When you have a flooded home and need flood water removal services, you need assistance immediately to stop further damage to your home. Removal of flood water from your home is a must in order to avoid secondary water damage. It is high-priority to use special flood water removal drying equipment to remove water from your flooded carpet, wood, tile or vinyl flooring. PRS is the leader in flood water removal and flood damage drying in all San Diego County. When time is of the essence, call PRS at   (619) 699-0130, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all your flood water removal needs in San Diego.

Business Flood Damage Clean Up

Specializing in drying out flood damaged areas, we know that time is imperative when it comes to business flood damage. When dealing with flood damage service at your business, WE KNOW that time is money. You need your flood damage taken care not now, but RIGHT NOW. We can usually dry out flood damage at businesses within 2-3 business days, depending on the amount of flood damage present. Let us handle your flood damage and get your business up and running today.

24/7 Emergency Flood Damage Service

Flood Damage in your home? Flood damage in your basement? Flood damage in your crawlspace? Flood damage at your business? Call the best Flood Damage responders in the west. No flood damage is too big or too small. Whether it is your home, crawlspace, basement, or business that has had the unfortunate experience of flood damage, there is only one number to call. On-call flood damage technicians are on standby waiting to take your call, (619) 699-0130. Your local San Diego Flood Damage Response Team.

Water Damage Restoration

We will respond to your flood problems within 59 minutes of your phone call and quickly remove the water out of your home. We extract the water out of your carpet with our powerful state of the art equipment and remove any affected building material per industry guidelines.

CALL 24 HOURS A Day: 619-699-0130

We also work with all major insurance companies, and provide the essential documentation they require as we work.


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