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Sewage Removal San Diego and Sewage Damage Clean Up- Raw Sewage Removal Services 24Hr Service.      Call (619) 699-0130 For Live Free Expert Advice! (Read our customer's real experiences before calling---->)

Sewage Removal San Diego. When a sewage damage loss occurs, We have the experience, specialized sewage clean up equipment and certifications to assess scope of sewage damage, stop additional sewage damage, and effectively decontaminate all areas of sewage damage toxic pathogens and bacteria. Immediate action needs to be taken to insure the safety of your family, pets and personal belongings. We will respond to your sewage damage emergency with precision and arrival time will be in less than an hour for any sewage damage situation. We know the hazards and can contain, extract, and decontaminate sewage floods 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year. Sewage Flood damage is our expertise. Servicing all San Diego County.

Sewage Clean Up in San Diego

When it comes to Sewage Damage clean up, you can be rest assured that our Sewage Clean up technicians are certified by the IRCC, which is the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification. Due to the levels of contamination that may be present in sewage, our sewage damage cleaning methods will insure that all harmful bacteria will properly be eliminated during our sewage clean up emergency response. We will call in a third party, certified professional environmental inspector to insure that sewage damage clean up was performed properly. Post sewage damage clean up testing is performed by extracting swab samples from the post sewage damage cleaned areas and sent to a laboratory to be analyzed by certified personnel which will determine if all bacteria and pathogens which are commonly associated with sewage damage losses have been properly removed. (Click Here To View A Raw Sewage Loss Inspection) 

Sewage Damage Repairs

Sewage Damage repairs will be addressed once the damaged areas have been properly dried out to normal, ambient levels. We will work directly with your insurance on your sewage damage loss to insure that you can have your home back to normal conditions after your water damage experience. Our journeyman level sewage damage repair technicians will install new insulation, drywall(texture will match the texture on your walls, you will not see repair), baseboards, door trims, cabinetry, floor covering and other sewage damaged items were removed as a result of your house sewage flood. Technicians will be at your home every day, for 8 hours a day until all sewage damage repairs are complete. Repairs are guaranteed for 10 years for post sewage damage construction repairs and 1 year for any visible defect you may see once all sewage damage restoration has been completed. For sewage damage repairs in San Diego, PRS can make it happen and get it done right the first time.

Instant Raw Sewage Extraction

When a toilet has backed up and flooded your house with raw sewage  and you do not know what to do, Professional Restoration Services San Diego is there to assist you and respond IMMEDIATELY to your raw sewage extraction emergency. Unlike regular fresh water damage from a clean source, or even grey water damage(from a sink, shower, dishwasher, washing machine), raw sewage is in a category of its own. Raw sewage extraction needs to be performed not now but RIGHT NOW! There is no time to waste due to the levels of contamination found in a raw sewage. Our raw sewage damage extraction equipment will swiftly remove all raw sewage liquids and material before you know it. We are located in San Diego and can respond to any size sewage flood within an hour.

Sewage Damage Mitigation

Aside from removing /extracting the sewage from your home, you will also need sewage damage mitigation. Mitigation for sewage damage includes: Removal of carpet, carpet pad, baseboards, drywall and insulation in all the sewage damaged areas. Once the removal of these items have been completed, decontamination of all exposed framing and wall cavities will be performed. EPA approved anti-bacterial/ anti-microbial cleaning solution will be applied to all the sewage damaged areas. Due to the level of contaminants found in a sewage water damage flood, special precautions will be taken in order to insure proper sewage damage decontamination has been performed. One call will have PRS at your property ready to assist you anywhere in San Diego within 45 minutes and certified technicians will be ready to assess and mitigate all sewage damaged areas.

Sewage Water Damage Restoration

PRS is a full service sewage water damage firm that not only performs the sewage damage mitigation, we will also repair your home and restore it to pre-loss conditions immediately after sewage clean up has been completed. Within San Diego County, PRS is on the ball when it is time to get your home repaired. Sewage Damage Repair Technicians will be at your home every day, all day to insure no down time, reducing the time you are out of your home. San Diego’s best sewage water damage repair service hands down. Call today in San Diego at (619)699-0130 for a free inspection.

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We also work with all major insurance companies, and provide the essential documentation they require as we work.

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