Water Removal San Diego - 24 Hour Response

24hr Home Water Removal Services Home Water Damage Restoration Services when you have a water removal emergency we will arrive within 45 minutes. Guaranteed!

Our team of water removal professionals will respond within one hour of receiving your water removal emergency call. Water Removal Technicians will immediately remove your personal items from the flooded area, remove all of the water from your floors and proceed to remove the water damaged drywall, baseboards, flooring and any other items that need to be removed in order to properly and immediately dry out your water damage. Anywhere in San Diego, we will be there within 1 hour.

24 Hour Live Help -Water Removal Insurance Claim Assistance

Nobody wants to have a water removal experience. It is disruptive and traumatic to all family members. We are water removal insurance claim professionals, with extensive water removal claim experience. We respond to water removal situations on a daily basis and have worked with just about all the insurance companies and know many of the local water removal adjusters by name. We will set up your claim for you and work directly with your insurance company. We are the water removal insurance specialists in San Diego that can get your insurance claim processed and settled with ease. Do not hesitate, call (619)699-0130 for your home water removal in San Diego, you will speak to a live, IICRC Certified technician that will answer any water removal questions at NO COST TO YOU. Trust PRS, YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU CALLED US FIRST, Guaranteed!

Home Water Damage Removal Equipment

PRS has one of the most powerful truck mounted water removal machines the industry has to offer. Equipment used in water removal cases are state of the art. Once all water removal has been performed, dehumidifiers will be installed and spread throughout the damaged areas. These units will assist in drying out the water that is on items that were not removed from the structure, or that did not need to be removed during water removal, for example, stud framing, cabinets, and other items that are permanent parts of your home that can be dried. Water removal drying fans will also be spread throughout the affected areas to expedite the drying process and mitigate damages. These water removal drying fans will work in conjunction with the water removal dehumidifiers to insure a rapid and thorough drying has been performed, leaving areas ready for post water removal restoration repairs. Technicians are on standby 24hrs a day for water removal in San Diego and will respond within 45minutes.

Water Extraction Removal (Check out our YouTube Video Here)

During a home water extraction loss, in some cases, water will need to be extracted from your flooring, whether it is carpet, concrete, vinyl or wood. Water extraction is the first one of the first steps in mitigating damages during a water extraction situation. Water will thoroughly be removed from areas to eliminate additional unnecessary water damage. Water extraction is a priority in emergency scenarios. The sooner water extraction can be executed, the sooner water affected building materials can be removed. Prompt water extraction will effectively minimize damage and allow for a shorter water extraction restoration process, getting your home back to normal in an expedited fashion.

Water Removal & Repair San Diego

Water removal repairs will be addressed once the damaged areas have been properly dried out to normal, ambient levels. We will work directly with your insurance on your water removal loss to insure that you can have your home back to normal conditions after your water removal experience. Our journeyman level water removal repair technicians will install new insulation, drywall(texture will match the texture on your walls, you will not see repair), baseboards, door trims, cabinetry, floor covering and other water items that were removed as a result of your house water removal. Technicians will be at your home every day, for 8 hours a day until all repairs are complete. Repairs are guaranteed for 10 years for post water damage construction repairs and 1 year for any visible defect you may see once all water removal restoration has been completed. For water removal repairs in San Diego, PRS can make it happen and get it done right the first time.

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We also work with all major insurance companies, and provide the essential documentation they require as we work.



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